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Marketing & BI

[…] the tasks are always very diverse, meaning I am constantly learning something new [...]

Pascale, Manager International Online Marketing

Karriere - Team - Marketing - Pascale
What are your main tasks in online marketing?

The daily business for the Dutch webshop ranges from the creation of newsletters and texts for our website to advertisements, advertising campaigns and not to forget the contributions for the blog.

What distinguishes the Online Marketing Team?

Online marketing is constantly evolving - that's why we have creative minds working here who know all the dos and don'ts of online marketing. And the working atmosphere is super pleasant.

Why do you like working at Teufel in the field of online marketing?

Every day is different - the tasks are very diverse and I am constantly learning more - and all this for the Dutch market, in my mother tongue! That makes it round for me!

Business Intelligence
[…] we […] generate recommendations for action for the entire company

Sasha, Head of Business Intelligence

How does your daily work 

We deal with analysis and planning in the areas of product performance, customer feedback and market research, among others. But above all, we also work with other departments, because our evaluations and research projects generate recommendations for action for the entire company. Often it is not only about answers, but first of all about the right questions.

A great passion for numbers and data and a deep understanding of how to present them in a clear and understandable way. However, being a human-computer is not enough - it also involves generating the right questions from the challenges faced by colleagues and conveying the answers and recommendations in a way that is appropriate for the respective recipient.