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Experience cinema acoustics at home

7.1 sound systems

7.1 Sound systems: The upgrade is that easy

In order to make the cinema sound of an existing 5.1 home cinema system sound even richer, you can upgrade an existing 5.1 home cinema system to a 7.1 system. In this way you can achieve the following sound improvements:

  • Media with 7 satellite soundtracks can be output 1:1 (e.g. Dolby Digital +)
  • Barely "tonal holes" in larger rooms
  • A higher overall sound level
  • Extending the optimal listening position (sweet spot)

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About 7.1 sound systems

From 5.1 to 7.1 - with individually configurable home cinema sets

If you look at the home cinema offer at Teufel, at first glance 7.1 home cinema sets seem to be missing. But Teufel offers for many of its conventional 5.1 home cinema systems corresponding expansion sets to a 7.1. sound system . So you first choose a 5.1 sound system of your choice and order a suitable 7.1 expansion set if desired.

These 7.1 sound system upgrades can either be purchased online along with the 5.1. system or purchased at a later date. 7.1 Expansion sets with satellites, which are identical to the existing speakers, are ideal for upgrades because they guarantee identical technical equipment of the satellite speakers and thus identical sound characteristics.

What you want: 7.1 Extension kits with micro boxes, shelf, column or floor standing boxes

The range of expansion sets is as extensive as the various basic configurations of our 5.1 systems require. Whether 5.1. a system with compact speakers, column speakers or dipole, the appropriate 7.1 expansion set is already available.

7.1 Sound system THX: certified cinema quality

Of course Teufel also offers expansion sets for its THX sound. This way you can put the icing on the cake of the THX sound, which can hardly be topped anyway. The THX expansion sets are suitable for front speaker expansion - Front High - or for the expansion of the surround speakers. With the 7.1 cinema sound produced here, some professional movie theatres can pack up! Pure cinema feeling - powerful sound non-stop.

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