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REAL BLUE TWS 2 Charger Box

64,99 Incl. VAT
Color: Night Black
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Key advantages at a glance

  • Replacement and/or exchange charging case for REAL BLUE TWS 2
  • Powerbank: the rechargeable battery integrated in the charging case recharges the REAL BLUE TWS 2 headphones on the go, with LED battery status display.
  • Auto-Connect: when the charging case is opened, the headphones automatically connect to your smartphone.
  • Suitable for replacement in the event of loss or defect of the original charging case


REAL BLUE TWS 2 Charger Box

  • Description Item
    Width 6.51 cm
    Weight 37.3 g
    Height 4.04 cm
    Depth 2.96 cm
  • Description Item
    Battery capacity 370 mAh
    Battery type Lithium polymer
  • Description Item
    USB C Yes



Included components

REAL BLUE TWS 2 Charger Box